The Cineposible International Film Festival of Extremadura is organised and financed by the AEXCID (Extremaduran International Cooperation Agency for Development). The festival awards short films and Documentaries which show a real social compromise and a complaint, and it is addressed to creators who deal with the topics of the 8 Millennium Development Goals.

Cineposible was born in 2006 from an initiative of the development NGO concerning a group of the Extremaduran cooperation working on “awareness, fair trade and the alter-globalisation”. The first edition which took place from 16th to 22nd October 2006 was sponsored by the actress Pilar Bardem. So, the festival supported two of the most important worldwide expressions against poverty: 15th and 16th October (Rise up against poverty) and on the October 21st (Rebel against poverty). The main headquarters of the Festival is the town of Almendralejo, although it has been simultaneously held in more than 30 places thanks to the collaboration of some organisms such as AUPEX or the «Espacios de Creación Joven» (Spaces for Youth Creation).

Since the second edition, AEXCID (the Extremaduran International Cooperation Agency for Development) is in charge of the festival organisation, becoming thus one of the most important awareness tools for Extremaduran cooperation.

All the selected works receive the same economical amount (six hundred Euro). So, the audience awards the special prizes that consist of an exclusive statue designed by Miguel Sansón. These prizes are the following ones: Best Short Fiction Film, Best Documentary and Pilar Bardem award. On the other hand, and in collaboration with several institutions, the Canal Extremadura TV award and the University award are given. This one is voted by the students from Extremadura University, and a Special Mention for «Creative Women», is given by the organisation that encourages enterprising women’s presence at a cultural and creative level in society. Cineposible has nowadays a broad catalogue of more than 2.000 films coming from 80 countries.

One of the basic pillars of the Cineposible International Film Festival of Extremadura, is to contribute to the cinematographic and audiovisual development in underdeveloped countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia, where due to some logistic, political and/or economical problems, it is more difficult to use cinema as a tool for social and artistic expression. That’s the reason why the Festival finances cinematographic projects in the South with an economical amount that enables the seekers from those countries to materialize some cinematographic projects for which they don’t have financing. Two prizes of 10.000 Euros, one for a documentary project and another one for a short fiction film project. With this initiative, Cineposible promotes the development of culture in these countries and encourages artistic expression.

The Cineposible International Film Festival of Extremadura goes beyond the two weeks that the exhibitions last. Throughout the year, and all over the Extremaduran territory, different projections of one selection of short films and documentaries are done, transmitting the debate and the reflexion on problems that affect these countries, everywhere in Extremadura. To get this approach of the Festival with the Extremaduran Society, the collaboration given by some institutions such as AUPEX (Association of Popular Universities of Extremadura), the spaces for Youth Creation (from the Regional Ministry of Youth and Sports) or the IMEX (Instituto de la Mujer de Extremadura= Women’s Institute of Extremadura) is indispensable as well as the close collaboration and the complicity of NGOs of Extremadura that enable the following: until the third edition, more than 15.000 people joined in the festival projections and activities. Undoubtedly, one of the most remarkable characteristic of our Festival is that it doesn’t have one unique headquarter, but it takes place in several towns of Extremadura simultaneously, but Almendralejo is always kept as the main headquarter.


The fourth edition of the Cineposible International Film Festival finds again solid foundations in the 8 Millennium Goals that the United Nations established in the year 2000. Special attention will be paid to those works that are related to the 6th Goal: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases.

Deadline – December 31st 2010

– Download and read carefully the following rules & regulations:


– Complete the Official Entry Form online, here or through shortfilmdepot.com.

ADVICE: This edition you can choose to upload your film to MOVIBETA.COM instead of sending the DVD.

It is completely free for the participant since the Cineposible Festival has taken care of it. Author´s rights are carefully watched by Movibeta. By uploading a video with us any transference is RSA encrypted. Your video will only be accessible for yourself or for the festival administrator. The service is provided in four languages (Spanish, English, French and Italian).


The foundations of the Cineposible International Film Festival of Extremadura are deeply rooted in our will to make cinema possible in developing countries from Africa, Asia and Latin America. These countries suffer a series of logistic, political and economic problems that make it a lot harder to use cinema as a means of social and artistic expression.  Hereby the call for audiovisual or cinematographic projects is officially launched. These projects must come from developing countries from Africa, Asia or Latin America, and they must be directed to carrying out both documentary and fiction productions.

Deadline – February 28th 2011

– Download and read carefully the following rules & regulations:


– Submit your project here.

(you may attach both forms, printed and signed, with the project)

– You can also send all the documents by email to proyectos@cineposible.es (please scan the signed official forms)

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